Boosting Engagement with Professional Event Photography - A Case Study with Founders Live

For event managers like you, the pursuit of greater engagement is a shared goal among organisers

Forget growth hacking and paid ads. One often underestimated factor is the transformative power of professional event photography. Let's dive into a real case study featuring Founders Live, showcasing how professional photography became the secret ingredient for skyrocketing engagement rates.

Case Study: Founders Live Unleashed

Founders Live, a relatively new player in the startup events industry in Stockholm, faced the challenge of elevating engagement for their monthly events in a new city. Aware of the impact visuals can have, they decided to partner with us at iinvested to capture their events.

The camera didn't merely document moments; it became a storyteller, creating a narrative of innovation, courage, and networking. The final images provided high-quality shots that not only showcased the event's professionalism but also communicated its unique energy and value proposition of the brand as a whole.

The photographs were incorporated into Founders Live's marketing materials, from social media campaigns to email newsletters and the global website. Potential attendees were greeted with a visual smörgåsbord, providing a taste of what awaited them at the events. The impact was swift and substantial.

In the two months following the first event we captured, Founders Live experienced a remarkable 61% increase in engagement compared to the previous events.

The professional photography not only captured attention but translated into incredibly tangible results. Founders and the wider startup ecosystem were not just registering; they were excited to engage in the experience that Founders Live promised.

After the event, the professional photographs continued to serve as valuable assets. Speakers shared them on their own social media channels, boosting UGC on LinkedIn by 300%, creating a ripple effect of organic promotion.

The visual narrative crafted by the professional photography extended the life of the event, maintaining engagement long after the doors closed.

Founders Live not only achieved their goal of boosting engagement but also elevated their brand image. The polished, final images communicated a higher level of professionalism, attracting not only startup founders but also investors and potential partners who sought to align themselves with the events.

The Founders Live experience stands as a testament to the undeniable impact of professional event photography on engagement rates. The investment in high-quality photos wasn't just about documenting the event; it was a strategic move that enhanced marketing efforts, created anticipation, and ultimately translated into a substantial increase in engagement.

Event managers, take note—your next success story might just be a click away.

Ready to take your events to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our professional event photography services and how we can help you unlock the full potential of your brand.

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