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Text, graphics, images, sounds, drawings, data codes and other content on this site/app ("Service") are protected by the Copyright Act (1960:729) ("Copyright Act") and the rights thereto are held by iinvested AB and/or licensors (hereinafter referred to as "iinvested"). iinvested reserves all rights to the content, including the right to use the content for text and data extraction according to ch. 2. Section 15 a of the Copyright Act.

iinvested does not allow "crawling" or "scraping" or similar use of the content made available through the Service, whether done manually or automatically, or otherwise using automated methods (including robots, scrapers and spiders) to display, access or collect information of any kind. Further, it is not permitted to use the Content or our data (including associated metadata) to train a machine learning and/or AI model or otherwise feed content from the Service into a machine learning and/or AI model.

Notwithstanding anything stated above, iinvested allows indexing of content for inclusion in a Search Engine. "Search engine" means a publicly available, free database of information accessed on, via or with the help of the Internet where the results are displayed in response to specific individual search queries as a short extract of text and/or thumbnail image, as well as a link to the site where such information is published, displayed or otherwise made available.

We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time by publishing updated terms on, which will come into force and supersedes previous terms effective from publication.

This version was published on December 8, 2023.

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