A Guide for Event Managers on Incorporating Brand Identity into Event Photos

In commercial events where every detail contributes to the overall experience and post-event storytelling, incorporating branding into event photos is a strategic move that supports your organisation's marketing goals longterm

Event managers seeking to hire a photographer can elevate their brand presence and tell a cohesive visual story by integrating brand identity into every moment.

1. Define Your Branding Guidelines:

Before the event kicks off, ensure that your photographer is well-versed in your brand's visual identity. Provide them with a comprehensive overview of your branding guidelines, including the preferred colour palette, typography, and any specific design elements unique to your brand. This foundation ensures that each photo resonates with the visual language associated with your organisation.

2. Showcase Branding Elements:

Work with your photographer to strategically showcase branding elements within event photos. Whether it's prominent logos, banners, or branded materials, identify key opportunities to feature these elements. This not only reinforces brand recognition but also creates a visual narrative that integrates your brand into the event's story.

3. Consistency is Key:

Maintain consistency in the application of your brand across all event visuals. From promotional materials to on-site signage and event photos, a consistent visual identity reinforces brand trust and recognition. Communicate to your photographer the importance of maintaining this consistency in the images they capture, creating a harmonious brand experience for attendees.

4. Capture Brand Engagement:

Incorporate moments of brand engagement into the photography plan. Whether it's attendees interacting with branded products, participating in brand activations, or engaging with sponsored elements, these moments not only tell a compelling story but also showcase the real impact of your brand on the event experience.

5. Leverage Candid Branding Opportunities:

While posed shots are often considered essential, candid moments provide more authentic opportunities to showcase your brand. Capture natural interactions that involve branded materials or elements, revealing the genuine connection between attendees and your brand.

6. Highlight Sponsorship Integration:

For events with sponsors, collaborate with your photographer to highlight any sponsor branding into the event images. Showcase sponsored areas, product placements, or sponsored activities, reinforcing the valuable partnerships that contribute to the event's success.

7. Align Event Decor with Brand Aesthetics:

Consider the event decor as a canvas for brand integration. Work with your photographer to capture the decor elements that align with your brand aesthetics. This could include branded centrepieces, colour-coordinated design elements, or any custom installations that reinforce your brand's visual identity.

8. Post-Event Brand Recap:

Beyond the event itself, utilise event photos for post-event brand recaps. Curate a selection of images that encapsulate the best of your brand during the event and share them across various channels. This post-event engagement not only extends the life of your brand narrative but also reinforces the positive memories associated with your organisation.

Incorporating branding into event photos is a skill that requires close collaboration between you and your photographer. By using the tips above, you can be sure that every photo contributes to a visually connected and brand-aligned narrative.

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